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I have millions of photos and always tell me: "I have to make a corner of the house where you can put" or "I have to make a family album." But I always feel the same, routine and lack of time will not let me get my job!

I have not only photos on the camera (which is already worth me) but in the mobile and mobile cards you no longer use and keep as gold dust. Because, as it happens to most, we have replaced the conventional camera photos, the mobile we have at hand. And then, almost all the photos that I do with it, are girls because it is difficult to catch them "red-handed", if on top have to go get the camera pufff.

Anyway, I gathered with thousands of family photos and I want to decorate a corner of the house with the most beautiful or that "summary" our little story. Personally, I tend to put them on the wall with frames of different sizes, forming a kind of puzzle but following a harmony of colors. Always thinking about the place where they will be located and given the space and the colors that surround them. As some of the images have a lot of color in themselves, so that they are in tune, put some in black and white and sepia other. Specifically, where will hang, it is a corridor where one wall is chocolate and why I believe that this combination could be very good.

They can also be the protagonists of the room, forming a structure above the sofa, at the head of the bed of the master bedroom or even in the office or workplace. I think family photos make cozier any room of a home.

Looking for ideas out there and there, I bring several of them that in my opinion can be cheap and easy to do.

Decorated with pictures: my favorite corner

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