Pastel Hair Color Ideas for 2016

All the celebs have been rocking pastel hair of late and it’s encouraged many of us to give the try a shot for ourselves. If you’ve been thinking of trying out these new and unique pastel hair color ideas for yourself but aren’t sure where to start, how to go about it, and what colors to even pick in the first place, we’ve got all the info you need to know.


There are three things you should definitely do before you try and opt for a colourful blend such as this one. Firstly, get a good cut and work out the right style (taking into consideration the color design you want) with your hairstylist. Secondly, work out what shades will work better on your skin tone and thirdly, condition as much as you can

Colourful hair won’t be colourful for long if you don’t take care of it. Bad condition hair will cause the shade to fade quicker. Plus it will look straggly rather than glossy.


If you really don’t know what color to go for, this holographic looking design isn’t a bad shout. It’s all different shades of pastel pops – lilacs with blues, silvers and pinks.

For spring time hair, you can’t beat pastel hair and with hair this good, everyone will be looking for all the right reasons.


If we’re talking pink, we’re not just talking candy floss pink just like Emma Stone recently rocked. Although who could forget that stunning powdery shade with that pretty pink lipstick?

If you want to rock pink yourself, you’ll be happy to know that these lighter, pastel shades are easily achieved and there’s plenty of brands out there offering these colorful delights. Have a look around online and you’ll soon start to learn that some brands have a better rep than others. You’ll always want to know with the best, healthiest and highest-quality hair dye in order to get the best results.


Who said you couldn’t mix vivid hair colors with pastel beauties? We love this look, one that definitely combines the two but in such a way that it looks awesome and not too much.

Rainbow hair is very much on trend right now and with so many different colors to play with, why not just a few of them at once?


This look could almost be Elsa inspired and let’s face it, we all loved Frozen. Braids are a great way of showing off the many colors and shades in your locks so learn how to get braiding!

Start with one big braid and add more as you go. Didn’t you see Kim Kardashian-West recently? She’s all about the braids!


We’ve seen brighter blues with the likes of Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall rocking a really rich, dark and bright blue pop.

What about trying something a little pastel themed if this is your first time? Pastel colors are easier to wash out and fade than their brighter counterparts. Plus, pastel colors are beautiful. Enough said.


When you’ve got a ‘do this good, you want to keep it in tip top shape for as long as possible. You’re going to want to avoid washing your hair as much as you normally would as this will cause the color to fade quicker.

Make sure you’re taking care of your locks too with plenty of conditioning treatments designed for color treated hair.


Sweet as sugar, this pastel pop of fairy dust hair is perfect for anyone wanting to make a real statement. If you’ve got long, glossy locks and want to show them off, this is most definitely the way to do it.

You have more length to play around with so why wouldn’t you play around with it? Work different blends and shades together for a look that is completely different to anyone else’s.


Curly hair is perfect for showing off that perfect array of pastel pretties so grab your curling tongs and get whirling! The curls in this look help to reflect the light on those beautiful silvery, blue and violent tones. It’s a breathtaking look and one that we’re all coveting.

If you don’t have curling tongs, you can use your straightening irons to achieve a similar effect. Rather than pulling them down, twist them and curl them or flick them out to play around with different looks. You can create so many cools from something designed to straighten!


Think My Little Pony and you’ve got about the right idea for these pastel hair looks. Once reserved for punks and rockers, brightly coloured hair has never been so in fashion so think of the craziest colour combo you can and then add a few more shades just to be sure.

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Mandala Tattoo Design Ideas

The secret behind the beautiful and enchanting Mandala

You may have seen a type of tattoo that that looks elaborate and is usually in a circular design. What are they? Why do they look so beautiful? When you look at them longer they seem to tell you a story woven and interlocked with each shape and curve, they are intricately shaped and interlaced with each other forming pretty flower shapes and a dark skull figure. The design has become enchanting and enthralling at the same time.
What are these creations called?

They are the Mandala Tattoos.

The Mandalas are what you call as sacred circle designs that are actually used in religion and culture, particularly ceremonies. You can find them in meditation rooms as well as prayer rooms and churches. They are a symbol of eternal love and spiritual claim. They are not simply objects that were made for fashion or trend, but they actually have a deep rooted cultural and religious significance which makes the tattoo and the design overall interesting. You can even find Mandala tattoos in full color that denote a balanced life and a spiritual calling.

What makes up the Mandala

The defining look of the Mandala is its circular shape. Its influence is from Hindu and Buddhist religion which are expressed most of the time using sand art. The monks use sand which was dyed in order to create beautiful and intricate Mandalas. This is why the design has become popular in tattoos because it has a permanent place to stay in and be seen by a lot of people. Owing to the fact that not most people can see sand art or artifacts from the Hindu and Buddhist temples, believers can now have Mandala tattoos which they can carry with them anywhere.

Colorful Mandala tattoos can be easily transferred unto the skin for a more cheery and artistic flair. Owing to the circular shape, these types of tattoos they tend to look better on parts of the body which are flat; the chest and the back. These parts of the body better display the design of the tattoo which your eyes can follow along to easily. The area around the shoulder blades which is flat is also a good location for the tattoo. The trouble with the rest of the body parts is that they have too much curves and disrupt the circular shape.

What makes this tattoo stand out is that the patterns are very unique and lively looking. You can never seem to look away when you see them. The usual colors of the tattoo attract most people who are spiritual by nature, lead Gothic lifestyles and the likes.

Designing the Mandala

When creating the Mandala design, they are usually drawn from the inner circle up to the outwards. The trademark of the Mandala designs is that they form a flower look. They are in circle shapes with all sorts of symbolism that can denote to femininity, spirituality, life, eternity, religion and so on. There are many meanings behind the flowers and they can range from rebirth, blossoming, creation and giving life to a certain or specific ideal.

The patterns and colors of the tattoo are highly based on making a floral effect. The Mandalas are also known to be referred to as the flowers of life. They are born, blossom and grow through life as time passes. Usually the inner part of the flowers is lighter in color to draw in more attention and highlight.

Behind Mandala Tattoos

Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. The main driving points of these tattoos are the circle designs. You can find some subtle triangle or square drawings but the circle overpowers them. Owing to the fact that the measurement of the circle from the center to all its edges is the same, it gives the symbolic meaning that everything is equal or in balance. The symbols created within the circle are believed to be given equal balance or importance of the person who has the tattoo.

Most of the time the Mandala tattoos use honey combs and honey bees for the design. They are used as the symbol pertaining to the circle of life. Why bees? They are there to symbolize femininity, care and fertility. The honey on the other hand is the elixir of life; it is the meaning and the beauty of living. Honey is made by bees and it is of beautiful golden color collected from the flowers. The collection process shows the honeycomb which in turn means that everything in life is related and connected with each other. It also means that no man is an island and that in everything we do; we connect and interlock with the lives of other people.

Mandala tattoos are truly beautiful and it will be a great choice to get one if you have the same beliefs that the designs signify. Bear in mind that the design on your tattoo should be something that you stand for. Always make sure that you know very well what your tattoo is for and what it means for your life.

Mandala back tattoo

A wider range of mandala tattoos in black. They are best seen in black ink and incorporate well detailed designs inside the circle as well as some minor details outside.

Mandala with skull full sleeve tattoo

Black mandala tattoo on the arm. This tattoo adds a skull detail unto the regular flower design of the mandala. The skull is also one of the most popular details that come with the mandala designs.

Manala full back tattoo

A wide mandala tattoo design encompassing the entire back of the person. One of the best places to ink the mandala design is on flat spaces of the body so the back a pretty popular place for it to be on.

Mandala tattoo

Back and shoulder mandala tattoo. In whatever part of the body the tattoo will be inked, it is important that it can show the perfect circle shape as it is essential to the tattoo’s meaning.

Mandala and flower sleeve tattoo for man

An arm mandala tattoo. This mandala design is in colored ink and is drawn on the side of the arms. The colors are often light and bright symbolizing life and progress.

Mandala and flower thigh tattoo

Compact and beautiful black and white mandala tattoos. The tattoos tell a lot about the person’s life, the pretty designs inside it are the explanation of how a person values his life.

Mandala back tattoo

Minimalist back mandala tattoo. Inked in black and decorated only on the circular part of the flower shape, the overall image displays elegance and beauty.

Mandala back tattoo

Another mandala back tattoo that doesn’t create a circle shape. Depending on the design, mandala tattoos can vary and one design is not perfectly the same as the other designs giving you’re a sense of uniqueness.

Mandala half sleeve tattoo

Another attractive looking half sleeve mandala tattoo. Eve in black and white the middle part of the inner circle is highlighted in a brighter shade to denote positivity and importance in a person’s life.

Beautiful mandala forearm tattoo. It almost seems like the arms have sprouted pretty flowers on its own and have ascended unto the arms.

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Extraordinary Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind

The world in which we live is full of wonderful places that most of us do not know  they really exist. Here you can see some of those extraordinary places  around the world. These pictures are meant to blow your mind. Enjoy

Bridges Park, Ireland – Source

Genesee River- New York, USA – Source

Bluebonnet Field – Ellis County, Texas

Bond Island, Thailand

Burney Falls – State Park, Califiornia

Cherry Blossom Avenue

Elephant Foot Glacier – Greenland

Emerald Pool at Subway – Zion National Park, Utah

Fukuroda Falls – Ibaraki, Japan

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Sexy Self Portrait Photography Ideas

Self-portrait photos are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. Be it social media, mainstream or any other are, whatever platform you choose or sign up for, requires you to upload your self portrait of some kind. Whenever you go online and check out the photos of your close friends on Google, Twitter, Facebook or any other social network, you come across many photos of bad quality and clich├ęd being clicked quite often. But if you choose some Sexy Self Portrait Photography Ideas mentioned in this article, you can easily get yourself the best shot.

Some Tips and Ideas while Taking a Picture

You can follow some simple easy ideas mentioned below to get yourself the best self-portrait.

Use of Camera: If you have not used a camera before, this is the right time to use it. There are various types of camera available in the market which can give you best clicks like Digital Camera or SLR. If you buy a suitable SLR, it can give you a high resolution picture with best clarity. Even you can set the camera settings for clicking your own photo by setting a delay timer or 10-15 seconds to get into the frame, strike a pose and click an amazing self-portrait.

Use Online for finding a right picture: you can go online, use Google images to find the target image and print out. It is easy to do. You can easily stick to the wall behind your head and use focus on. Another tip is to stick to some color tape to mark the point where the bottom of the picture needs to be, it would be best if the level is near chest.

Strike a Pose: One can easily go wrong with striking a pose as you may not know where to stand while taking the picture. The simple solution is to mark some spot on the floor which you can easily check in the camera that which angle and place suits you. You don’t have to do anything fancy, just put your foot at the spot and strike a pose.

Other Important Tips to Follow

You can even take help from a close friend or your family member to help you get the right photo. This way you can have variety of poses and can easily retake some pictures which you don’t like.
You can easily allow certain variations in the depth of the field. You can easily control camera aperture and keep it to certain distance from camera or use manual focus. Manual focus can help you enable you to guide to work out the frame, and then you can get the focus of your target work out more perfectly.
Placing the camera on the TV or small screen is ideal as you can better approach to the place where you want to get the pictures clicked. Place it on the table or on the TV screen and make sure that you are in focus while taking the camera shot.
You can even try different places to take the self-shot. There are many options of Sexy Self Portrait Photography Ideas at different locations and you can come up with some unusual places to get the photos where no one has done before. This does not mean that you need to travel to long distance to take self-photos but certainly you can explore some more locations beside your living location to choose the right scenery for the portrait. One great example is putting the camera inside the fridge and taking your photo while keeping the door of the fridge open.
Home studio is always a convenient place to use the camera with a screen which can easily rotate and flip. This way you can easily see yourself in the small screens while taking the shot.
Using GorrillaPad can also be a good option. This can help you control the tripod around the objects to take the best shot. This will help you able to get the shots which you can dream of by attaching the camera to some unusual places in the way.

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