Take a Minute To Appreciate These Stunning Drawings

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Take a Minute To Appreciate These Stunning Drawings

Meet Dany Lizeth, a 17-year-old girl from Mexico who has and amazing gift, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, she can draw really well. She creates expertly detailed and colorful drawings of animals and people with watercolors and colored pencils. And if you’re not impressed by now, let us tell you that this little girl taught herself everything she knows. She is a developing artist but already ready to sell some of her prints, be sure to follow her with these social links: Facebook | Instagram

When encountering paintings by artist Samantha Keely Smith (previously) it’s nearly impossible to escape the mystery and gravity depicted by a violent clash of abstract brush strokes. Ocean waves crash atop foreboding bodies of water, plumes of fire seem to battle clouds in the sky, and swirling storms shield distant secrets just over the horizon. Smith refers to her paintings as ‘internal landscapes,’ part of an ongoing examination of an externalized inner conflict. “My newer works try to boldly portray the struggle I’ve always tried to address in my work between order and chaos, dark and light, and positive and negative impulses,” Smith shares, “along with addressing what feels like a shifting and unpredictable landscape due to global warming.”

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