101 Girly Tattoos You’ll Wish You Had This Summer

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101 Girly Tattoos You’ll Wish You Had This Summer

People often get inkspired by notions of warm weather and sun-drenched beaches. As summer slowly approaches, the thought of getting your body into summer mode is often met with a mixed bag of emotion. Either you’re excited to show off all that hard work you put in during the “off season” or you’re on the opposite side of the fence, kicking yourself for not fulfilling your new year’s resolutions and wondering if it’s still possible to escape the skirt bikini.

Regardless of your current situation, a summer tattoo is something every girl wants and can easily have. Those without tattoos often find themselves dreaming of that perfect design as the days get hotter. And those that already have tattoos just can’t seem to get enough.

So it’s settled. You’re getting a tattoo this summer and everyone will love it. Now all you have to do is figure out what that super cute summer tattoo will be. Luckily for you, we’ve done most of the heavy looking. Here, 101 summer tattoo designs for you to draw inspiration from.

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