41 Best Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Sick of constantly having to untangle a knot in you long hair? An inverted bob is the answer. Unlike regular bobs, inverted bobs (also know as graduated bobs) are short at the back and long in the front. There are so many styles to choose from and about a million colours as well. If you want to dye your hair that is. It’s entirely up to you. There’s even a few lobs (long bob) in there too. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best inverted bobs we’ve come across. So sit back and check them out. Oh and most importantly, enjoy.

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25 Cute Disney Tattoos That Are Beyond Perfect

Growing up watching Disney movies and Disney TV programmes gave us memories of our favourite characters.  Many people love the Disney characters and love what they stand for.  This is understandable as many are lovable and so adorable.  Whether it is the actual characters or their quotes, Disney tattoos are very popular around the world.  They are fun, bright, and colourful, lots of people can relate to them.  Who doesn’t appreciate and love a Disney tattoo that we remember from our childhood.

We also have all black, colours and watercolour Disney tattoos that look incredible.  There are a few matching couple, friends and family tattoos that are just adorable too, just in case you and your tattoo partner, need any tattoo inspiration.  There’s a Disney tattoo for everyone in this article. From Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Minnie and Mickey Mouse to Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.  We have them all here.

We have found 25 of the cutest Disney tattoos that are beyond perfect.  They will touch everyone’s heart and will have deep meanings behind the character or quote, for all to love and cherish.

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Quick Fix for Bad Hair Days

The hair is probably one of the most taken care of when it comes to beauty, and why not? Having beautiful hair instantly makes you look and feel prettier as well. There are days, though, when you just wake up and realize your hair won’t behave the way you want it to. Bad hair days happen to everyone, even to the girl with the longest, softest, silkiest and most beautiful hair so don’t feel bad if you wake up with a head full of unruly locks. So, what do you do when you wake up with nasty hair and you have no time to for a wash? Check out these quick fixes for bad hair days that are guaranteed to work like magic!

Sport a simple and classic updo – here’s an easy way to hide a bad hair day – put your hair up in a ponytail and you’re good to go. If you’re pressed for time, you can rely on a good ol’ ponytail to save your day. Doing a ponytail instead of leaving your hair unruly give you’re a more well put-together appearance. Another versatile hairstyle that you can do if you want something dressier than a ponytail is a bun. It’s just as versatile as the ponytail and is better if you have more hair.

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