The 10 best photographs ever taken without photoshop

The 10 best photographs ever taken without photoshop:

Nature and humankind are both great artists, and when they join forces, amazing masterpieces can be produced.

Today Bright Side has collected for you works in which the combined efforts of mother nature and photographic artists have captured magic moments showing the wondrous diversity of modern life and the natural world.

This is what happens if you throw hot water into the air in Antarctica:

Modern dykes, windmills and highways in the Netherlands:

A temple covered in ash from the Ontake volcanic eruption, Japan:

Two worlds divided, New York, USA:

Volcanic eruption in Iceland:

An eagle soaring over a lake in Canada:

Namib Desert, Africa:

Rapeseed fields in Luoping, China:

The chosen one:

Rango plays guitar:

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