12 Unique Apple Watch Bands We Want on Our Wrists

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12 Unique Apple Watch Bands We Want on Our Wrists

1. Galaxy print

Apple is obsessed with space. The keynote event on Sept. 9 was specially coordinated to occur on the same day as a full moon, to fully demonstrate the watch's "Astronomy" face, which lets you set the moon or solar system as your background. A galactic wristband would be the perfect touch.

2. Reversible

Since one of the Apple Watch's main functions is fitness tracking, how great would it be to have a reversible band? Apple created a custom, high-performance fluoroelastomer band for sporty folks, but what if you also need to wear the watch on fancy occasions? A reversible band with leather on one side, fluoroelastomer on the other would be incredibly versatile
3. High art collaborations

Some of the most lustworthy accessories have been custom designed by an artist. Imagine how the band would look if Apple gave someone like Jeff Koons, KAWS, Yayoi Kusama or Kehinde Wiley free reign to simply create.
We'd also settle for high art inspired bands. The gorgeous colors of Van Gogh's Starry Night, Andy Warhol's Flowers or Piet Mondrian's many Compositions would be great for a start.

4. Transparent

A crisp, clear band would be the perfect chameleon. You could wear the watch with any outfit and not stress about matching.
5. Scratch-and-sniff

You can tap it, slide it and click it -- but what if you could smell it? Naturally, it would be apple-flavored (though we'd also appreciate a spectrum of flavors). How delicious.

6. Branded bands

Nike, Supreme, Opening Ceremony -- it's only a matter of time before companies like this customize their own special-edition bands and kick-drop logos all over everything.

7. Slap bracelet

The kid in you wants to bring slap bracelets back. Stop denying it. Get a snap watch.

8. Glow-in-the-dark

Classy adult by day, five-year-old kid by night. A glow-in-the-dark band would be a kitschy creature comfort, a secret only you and your watch know about.

9. Tie-dye

Maybe you feel like you've given in to the man by buying such high-tech gear. Pay homage to Steve Jobs' hippie roots by adding some dip-dyed flair to your watch.

10. Mickey and Minnie Mouse print

During the Apple keynote, a watch with a Mickey Mouse background was prominently displayed on the big screen. Also, Apple Pay will be available to use at Disney World. Furthering the connection, Disney is the parent company of Pixar, the animation studio co-founded by Steve Jobs. The final touch? A Disney-themed wristband that solidifies the Disney-Apple bro love.

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