Floral Nail Art Ideas

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Floral Nail Art Ideas

If you’re a girly girl, I’m sure you love anything and everything floral, including floral nail art. Sure, they can be a challenge to perfect but if you don’t have the time or the skills, you can always opt for nail stickers, nail decals or the service of you local nail bar. Here are some floral nail art ideas that you can use for you next mani sesh.
SHABBY CHIC FLORAL – shabby chic has become so popular over the year, they’re practically everywhere! If you love shabby chic, check out these shabby chic themed floral nails. Shabby chic floral nails are often created with very soft, girly colors like pink, purple, teal and blue. Often, other patterns like polka dots and stripes are used as well.

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